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Fenris (PvE)


        Welcome to Dark Tribune. We are a small but focused 10 man raiding guild. Running a dedicated weekly ICC in preperation for Cataclysm content. Currently working on building one solid core team. If you arent in that team it's nothing personal. In fact, if you share our ideals hold out until we get up and on our feet. Now lets raid =)     
        Please note: We are a 10 man >>"RAIDING GUILD"<< It's what we do, and intend to excel at. If this is not your attitude then we may not be the guild for you.

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The way it is

Felstromfenris, Nov 2, 10 4:09 AM.
        We're in it for progression. If you aren't putting out dps despite your gear: tough, if you can't LoS frost bombs on Sindragosa: tough, If you annoy the hell out of everyone: tough, if you put out great dps but never make a raid: tough.  (If you don't know what "LoS" is: Double tough)
        We're a team. Meaning we make a commitment to the team and work with eachother. We need to be able to trust one another to be online, on time, and focused. That said, real life happens and we understand that. If you want to sit back and chat join someone else. If you want to get it done join Dark Tribune.


Felstromfenris, Oct 17, 10 3:01 AM.
Please have
-Ventrilo <---- Will not take you on raids without it, sorry.
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Currently looking for mature and competent raiders for 10 man content.
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-Off Tank
-Tank Healer
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